The Trust

The Village Hall is a major facility for the community of Upper Rissington. To manage it a Charitable Trust has been established to make sure the hall is well managed and maintained. Assisting the Trust in this aim is the Management Committee who manage the day to day running and maintenance of the hall.

In the interests of openness documents generated by the Trust and Management Committee will be posted here for the community to view.

To download documents as PDF files please click on the link below

URVH Constitution

This is the Charitable Commission detailed application

Charity Registration

The registration document with the Charity Number for URVH Trust

Business Plan and Annual Reports

Business Plan

The detail business plan including the financial plan for the village hall

Annual Report 2017

Annual report for 2017, submitted to the Charity Commission

Annual Report 2016

Annual report for 2016, submitted to the Charity Commission

Policies and Procedures

Internal Governance

URVH Internal Governance

Roles and Responsibility

URVH Roles and Responsibility

Terms of Hire

Terms of Hire of URVH

Health, Safety and Security Policy

URVH Health, Safety and Security Policy

Hygiene and Food Safety Procedures

URVH Hygiene and Food Safety Procedures

Equal Opportunities Policy

URVH Equal Opportunities Policy

Volunteer Policy

URVH Volunteer Policy

Child Protection Policy

URVH Child Protection Policy

Complaints Procedure

URVH Complaints Procedure

Adults at Risk Policy

URVH Adults at Risk Policy

Data Protection Policy

URVH Data Protection Policy