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Booking Information

Welcome to the Bookings Page for The Upper Rissington Village Hall. Please read the detailed 'Terms of Hire' before booking which can be downloaded here
Terms of Hire....

Upper Rissington Village Hall consists of two rentable areas, The Main Hall and The Community Room. In addition, we can arrange for hired use of the Foyer, Showers or Kitchen so please contact us to discuss any requirement you have for these areas.

The rental rates are as follows:

Normal Rate – This rate applies to all commercial rentals of the hall and non-residents of Upper Rissington.
Resident Rate - For residents of Upper Rissington who want to use the hall for family or personal events there is a 25% discount.
Charity and Community Rate - For charitable and community non-profit events there is a 50% discount.

For 4 hour block bookings, you can hire the hall for 4 hours for the cost of 3 hours!
The Rate Table is as follows:
Unit Normal Rate Resident Rate Charity and Community Rate
Main Hall £16 £12 £8
Community Room £12 £9 £6

Remember, when booking, that the hall will only be available to you for the time booked, so if you need time to set up or clear away you will have to include this time in your booking as the next booking will require immediate access.

How to Book

You can View Availability here

HallMaster Diary

By email to bookings@urvh.org giving details of when you would like to hire the hall, whether you are a resident hiring for personal or family use, or if you are a charity or community organization claiming the discounts.

Please download the 'Terms of Hire' which you need to show your agreement to, by returning it via email with your contact details, stating that you agree to it

Terms of Hire....

By Phone by calling the number 01451 821820 to discuss your requirements or leave a message with return contact details. You will need to agree to the 'Terms of Hire', by returning a signed copy of the front page with your contact details, returning it to the Trust at the village hall

Terms of Hire....

Online – To use the on-line booking service, log-in and book here:

HallMaster sign in....

To make a booking request click on the '+' on your required date, you will be asked to sign in, if you haven't already.

If you haven't register, the sign in page has the New User form to be completed, you MUST complete all fields except Address2 which is an extra line for your address if needed. Once completed, you can carry on with your booking request.

Creating your on-line Booking:
Minimum of 1 hour, there after in quarter hour slots.
You MUST allow enough time for setting up and cleaning up in your booking time, as we do have back to back bookings.

Select which rooms you wish to book. Booking both Community Room and Main Hall means the whole hall is being booked. Normally the Kitchen is available to both the Community Room and Main Hall but can be booked for exclusive use (if available), you MUST add a note to the "Special Requirements" box, that you want exclusive use of the Kitchen - there is a charge.

Privacy setting
If you select to make your booking 'Public'
1) Any information added to the 'Description' box, can be seen by others. A useful way to promote your booking.
2) But please note that Public bookings: your name, email address and phone number (used to create your user ID), will also be seen by others.
If you don't want your contact deatils to been seen but would like the information added to the 'Description' box to be seen, select 'Public - Contact Details Hidden' when making your booking

All bookings are made at a request level, the Admin Team will confirm you booking ASAP. You will receive an email from the Hallmaster system confirming your booking.

Useful Supplementary Booking Information

Please be aware that the hall does not have a regular rubbish collection facility so if your event generates rubbish you will have to make arrangements for its proper disposal.

Please be sure to book enough time to clear away so that the hall is free for the next booking.

A key requirement of the booking is that hirers leave it in a clean and usable state for the next hirer. Please advise us immediately if the hall is not in a clean and usable state when you arrive.

As use of the hall develops more useful information will be updated here.