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1st May 2021 – The Trust hands-back the lease to the PC

At noon on Saturday 1st May 2021, the Upper Rissington village hall was handed back to the Parish Council by the Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust.

The Trust took over the operation of the village hall on 2nd June 2017. Since then, the Trust, and its Management Committee, have worked hard to provide a facility for the use of the residents. Those of you who have used the hall over the past four years will be aware of the many improvements which have been made and we are happy to say that at this time everything works which was certainly not the case in June 2017. With your guidance, many more improvements were planned for the coming years. However, it is now time to hand back the village hall to the Parish Council.

From 1st May the operation of the village hall, including all bookings, will be the responsibility of the Parish Council who should be contacted in this regard. You can contact them by either: email: clerk@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk or by telephone: 01451 810839.

For further details, visit the Parish Council web site

The Trustees would like to thank most sincerely all the residents and clients who have contributed to the success of the village hall and not least the current and past members of the Management Committee who have worked tirelessly to maintain the hall at its current level of efficiency.
The Trustees wish the Parish Council great success in continuing to provide a vibrant facility for our Village.

Richard Knight
Chairman of UR Village Hall Trust

28th February 2021 – The Trust arranging to hand-back the lease to the PC

At the time of writing plans have not been developed to the point that we can confidently share details of the future management of the Village Hall, but we thought that it would be sensible to share what we know so far, as you may see the winding up of the Village Hall Trust as an agenda item in the Parish Council (PC) meetings.

The current situation is that sadly the Trust is arranging the hand-back of the lease to the PC. Following this it intends to apply to the Charity Commission to be taken off the list of registered charities.

It’s not all sad though. While the Trust and Management Team have had control of the Hall it’s achieved so much that will have value going forward into the next phase of its life. Even during this lockdown we’ve been improving the Hall. There is a state-of-the-art AV system now installed in the community room. This adds to the general improvement in the facilities of the Hall that we’ve achieved in the time we’ve been running it. Over the years we’ve dealt with the replacement of all the furniture, new storage systems, new AV system, new carpark lighting and a whole host of trouble around the heating systems. New cleaning machinery, booking systems, admin and maintenance procedures have all developed over the past five years since the team got into the depths of negotiating the lease. We’ve carried out nightly caretaking duties to ensure the Hall is secure and ready for the next days hirers. We’ve emptied nappy bins, changed smelly filters in the toilets and addressed some of the less glamorous elements of managing such a facility. The effort has always been worth it. We have always enjoyed terrific support from the community and it's been heartening to encounter so many volunteers who have been prepared to undertake backbreaking work to support us. We feel a sense of loss in moving on but we believe that the time is right for this change of direction.

It’s probably worth stating the value that the Trust has had to the community. Since taking over the Village Hall we’ve developed the customer base to the point that it was operationally self-funding in the last year of posted finances (2019/2020). This year (2020/2021) has obviously been difficult as we’ve had regular expenditure for utilities, insurances, maintenance and management but little to no income due to Covid limiting the use of the Hall. The PC supported the Trust in the first three years with grants totalling £35,000. After paying legal costs for the winding up of the Trust we will remit back to the PC in the order of £12,000 to £15,000. In addition the PC will take over the assets built up by the Trust. This value has been achieved through the reliance on voluntary effort and we sincerely hope that the PC will receive similar support in the future. The use of a Trust to establish the customer base, develop the facility and establish processes and procedures for the future has been terrific value for money.

At the time of writing we are early into our engagement with the PC so have no official position to report. We have proposed a timeline offering nearly six months of support for an orderly handover. Hopefully the Hall will be operational as soon as the lockdown allows but this is highly likely to be under the management of the PC, with handover support from the Trust and Management Committee.

The members of the Trust and Management Team do have some regrets for the change in operation. However, we will continue to support the community with our voluntary commitments to our other interests including Rotary, Breeze and of course The Social Committee. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes in the booking process and contact details and please support the PC as you’ve supported us.

The Upper Rissington Village Hall Trustees and Management Committee

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The village hall will be reopening on the 17th May following the government Covid guide lines.

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