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For the Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust, a group of volunteer residents, to take over the running of the new village hall on behalf of the community, the final version of the lease needs to be agreed upon by the Parish Council and Village Hall Trust.

2nd June 2017- Great News

The village hall is now the responsibility of the Trust, the Lease has been completed today.

Congratulations to the Village Hall team, thanks for sticking with it despite all the odds. Your mix of patience, resilience and firm professionalism has resulted in the best deal for the Community.

1st June 2017- No Completion!

I am sorry to report on what should have been a happy day and the Trust took over the running of the village hall but it all went pear shaped today.
As part of the Lease completion with the Parish Council today, it had been agreed that all keys would be returned to the hall and the Proper Officer (the Clerk) of the Parish Council would be issued with keys so they could access the hall and office, with access to the kitchen and toilets (as agreed in the Lease) and as Landlords, be issued with one Master Key.
Today, Cllr Laird refused to hand back the two Master Keys, giving no explanation why when asked, only to say that they were talking to Cllr Hanks (who also had one Master Key) about this. Cllr Laird was informed that this breached their own Lease and this could jeopardise the Trust taking over the running of the hall.

28th April 2017 Update:

After the cancellation of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting on the 24th April. The Extraordinary Parish Council meeting tonight, 28th April went ahead and the Parish Council have now signed the: Agreement to Lease, Lease and Deed of Variation documents, so now the Trust can take over the running of the village hall from the 1st June 2017. The Parish Council also agreed to transfer the first lot of start-up money, so the Trust can run the hall and pay the bills

20th April 2017 - BREAKING NEWS


Tonight (20th April) the Trustees of Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust signed the lease, agreed between the Parish Council and the Trust and provided by our solicitors today, for the management and maintenance of the Upper Rissington Village Hall. We're excited by the prospect of running the hall for the community and are enthusiastic for it's future development and use as a hub for our community. As soon as the lease is signed by the Parish Council, next Monday, the Trust can review the processes and procedures that it documented over two years ago. We can also set in place the contracts, services, insurances and processes that will enable us to take over the management of the hall from 1st of June.

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